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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

January 20-24 2020 - Quito, Ecuador: a workshop took place for the set-up of portfolios of competences and learning outcomes for future aquatic scientists in Peru and Ecuador.

The workshop was the first scientific meeting for the CORRIENTE XXI project, funded by the European Union, which aims to support innovative education for research-based and sustainable management of marine and freshwater ecosystems. For this workshop, CORRIENTE XXI staff members gathered to develop a shared, systematic approach to identify competences for postgraduates of existing and planned MSc programmes in aquatic sciences, and to assess the expectations of students, recent graduates, teachers and future employers.

The overall objective of the workshop was to share knowledge on portfolios of competences and learning outcomes through training. During the workshop, the six partner universities worked towards acquiring the necessary skills to design and analyse surveys and to establish a portfolio of competences. The workshop comprised stakeholder analysis, development of customized surveys, preparation of data analysis and dissemination, and capacity building on survey methods. These analyses are currently being distributed amongst the stakeholders.

The findings will be a key input for the CORRIENTE XXI Workshop 'Modernization of Higher Education Institutions' and will be the basis for curriculum update and development in the universities involved in Peru and Ecuador.

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