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Online Workshop ‘Innovative Pedagogical Skills’

The CORRIENTE XXI Workshop ‘Innovative Pedagogical Skills’ took place online via Microsoft Teams on 16 April (SESSION 1), 23 April 2021 (SESSION 2) and 28 April (SESSION 3) 2021.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this workshop, planned in Quito (Ecuador) in May 2020, had to be cancelled and replaced with an online alternative.

Given the importance of exchanging innovative pedagogical skills when updating master curriculum (as indicated in all HEI educational matrix programmes), all Peruvian and Ecuadorian partners shared their good practices on diverse novel teaching techniques that enhance active learning in Master programmes, including in an online environment. The newly developed online SPOC DEBSe@ (including the animation procedures) was also be presented.

The objectives of the workshop were as follows:

1) Exchange of good practices with:

· Digital exchange practices on digital and online technology that will fundamentally redefine the nature of the classroom

· Shifting from the classic teaching methods towards more interactive, students-centered teaching methods, including online teaching.

2) Presentation and work session on diverse novel teaching methods which is based on the outputs of previous workshops (educational matrixes from all partners) and divided over three planned sessions, including:

· Interview – debate skills / consultancy assignments (SESSION 1),

· Role play – serous gaming (SESSION 2),

· Blended learning (SESSION 3).

At the end of this workshop and staff training, each Peruvian and Ecuadorian partner produced a working document per thematic topic, which will act as key documents towards continuous improvement of their MSC programmes.

Out of the 117 invitations, 36 (SESSION 1), 35 (SESSION 2), 26 (SESSION 3) participants attended this online event. The agenda of the online CORRIENTE XXI Workshop ‘Innovative Pedagogical Skills’ can be found here.

Programme Workshop Innovative pedagogical skills_CORRIENTE XXI
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