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Use of equipment for measuring ocean acidification in the Bay, Galapagos

The implementation of the acquired equipment is being carried out by our partner university, the Escuela Politécnica del litoral (ESPOL). The current fieldwork is part of the project to evaluate ocean acidification in Bahia Academia, Santa Cruz Island in Ecuador. This area is of vital importance as it is home to a coral breeding area. Calcifying organisms, such as corals, are at risk due to the reduction of aragonite and water pH. For these reasons, it is crucial to continue accurate monitoring in this area to assist in the management of the Galapagos National Park.

The present research is part of the Galapagos Marine Exploration and Research Program (GMaRE), a joint initiative of ESPOL and the Charles Darwin Foundation to study the marine ecosystems of the islands. At the moment, master's professors such as Isabel Timpe and María José Marín are actively participating in this research, but we are looking for future master's students to participate as well.

Pictures by Isabel Timpe and María José Marín

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